Attic Ventilation

30350544_xxlThe attic of your home is more than just the perfect place to hide Christmas presents. But like so many other parts of a home, its importance is easily misunderstood. From energy efficiency to leak prevention, the attic is a crucial component that ensures the overall function of your entire home. Let’s take a look at exactly why Jacksonville roofers know this to be true.

The biggest job an attic performs is properly ventilating a home. Hot air rising from lower floors of a house often gets stuck in the attic. Without proper attic ventilation, warm and moist air has nowhere to go.  This can lead to decreased energy efficiency during the hottest months of the year. A properly ventilated attic draws hot air up and out of the house. This is especially important during summer months because, without proper ventilation, heat radiates down into the home, which makes your air conditioning unit work harder, resulting in significantly higher utility costs.

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Hail and Your Roof

The state of Florida is home to some the nation’s most extreme weather. From hurricanes to wildfire-inducing drought, the volatile nature of Florida’s weather patterns can cause even the most confident residents concern. In Jacksonville, it is common for large storms to sweep across the area, bringing heavy rains and strong winds. These times of unpredictable atmospheric activity can also produce another element of possible danger for Floridians to confront: hail.
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