Need Contractors? 4 Tips to Hire Right

roof contractorsFor any job, the right hire will always stand out. The wrong hires, on the other hand, could be costly. Here’s how to make sure you hire right for your roofing problems every time:

  • Check their experience

    Hiring untrained contractors can worsen the problem. If you’ve got a specific problem or issue, get roofing contractors in Jacksonville who already have experience in dealing with and managing that kind of repair job. That way, you have a much better chance of finding a team of contractors that can really deliver the kind of results you need. By hiring contractors who have already spent years in the business, says House Logic, you can breathe easy, knowing your home is in good hands.

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4 Effective Ways to Make Your Roof Last

longlasting roofYour roof isn’t going to last forever. But a lot of people seem to think it will, given how much they skip regular inspections and repairs. Good thing there are plenty of things you can do to make your roof last longer:

Clear your gutters

Water buildup in your gutters can be a major factor in your roof’s condition. The added weight on your roof can weaken the structure effectively and lead to all sorts of problems. With a weaker structure, the roof over your head can easily collapse the next time it rains.

Deal with dry rot

This doesn’t really involve water damage so much as the lack of proper ventilation. If the ply boards are starting to go bad, this can cause your shingles to go brittle and it’ll only be a matter of time before the shingles crack and leak, says the DIY Network. Even though you could possibly DIY your way to a workable solution for this one by installing a new ridge vent and making sure that the vents in the eaves are adequate, don’t be tempted. Roofing work is hard and dangerous work that is best done by a professional roofing company.

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