When you are facing roof damage after a storm, you want to be sure you are getting the best possible roof repairs. At times, you may even qualify for a full roof replacement – all covered by insurance!

Protection From the Destructive Force of Weather Events

Your roof provides the protection you, your family, and personal belongings need from the occasional bad weather known to roll through the Jacksonville area. It can become damaged, which leaves your home at the mercy of the elements. A good home insurance policy is often helpful in recovering from serious roof damage caused by:

  • High winds
  • Hail
  • Tornadoes
  • Hurricanes
  • Flying debris
  • Falling tree limbs

Seek a Qualified Roof Inspector to Assess the Damage

It isn’t safe to hop up on your roof, especially when it has sustained heavy damage from a storm or wind event. Call in a roofing expert like StormForce to do a complete assessment. You’ll know quickly if you are looking at a full roof replacement or repairs. Use a trustworthy and experienced inspector to get the necessary recommendations.

Know the Age of Your Roof and What Your Insurance Policy Covers

One basic rule of thumb to remember is you can only typically get a roof replacement with insurance if the roof is 10-years old or newer. Have all of your paperwork in order to prove the age of the roof. Retrieve your insurance paperwork and confirm what is covered by your policy. It should contain all of the specific information you need to determine if you have the coverage for roof replacement. If the paperwork seems confusing, call your insurance company. Avoid stating the extent of the damage. Let the inspection report do the talking.

Submit a Claim

If your entire roof is adversely affected by a storm or wind event and the inspector determines it justifies replacement, submit a claim with your insurance company. You can then begin the process of working with the roofing specialists to determine what type of materials you want to use for replacement.

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