wind mitigationOne of the great things about living in Florida, and specifically in Jacksonville, is the beautiful year round weather. However, if you have been here more than a season or two you recognize that wind damage from tropical storms and hurricanes can cause considerable havoc to your roof, and you have probably wondered if there is anything you can do to give yourself some protection and lower windstorm insurance costs.

At StormForce of Jacksonville we recommend all of our roofing customers consider having a wind mitigation inspection. Not only can this help you to protect your home but, by putting the suggestions into place, you can actually save considerably on your homeowners insurance costs that can really add up over a lifetime in this area.

Who Does the Inspection?

In order to qualify as a wind mitigation inspection that your homeowners insurance company will approve the task has to be done by a board certified contractor, engineer or an architect. These professionals have to be fully approved and have completed the necessary training to provide the inspections.

What to Expect

During the wind mitigation inspection, the inspector will look at specific aspects of your home which will be considered in determining if you are eligible for windstorm insurance reduction.

This is a detailed inspection focusing on the exterior of the home including the construction type, roof shape and current condition, how old your current roof is and even how it is constructed. The inspector will also look at exterior doors and windows and rate them for security during storms.

Cost Savings

After you complete the wind mitigation inspection, you may want to consider your options. If the roof is old, has some damage and signs of leaks or potential for leaks, it may be time to consider a new roof.

We can take a closer look at the roof and complete a full roof inspection at no cost to you. We can also discuss roofing options and costs at this time, and help you to see how upgrading to a new roof can help with reducing your windstorm insurance and homeowners insurance.

We also have the experience to consider other factors such as roof shape, the style of roofing material most effective given your home’s location and elevation, and also what roofing types are most effective at lowering your homeowners insurance now and in the future.