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Roof Damage and Leaks
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My roof has a few missing shingles but I don’t see any signs of leaks on the inside. Is this common?


Yes, it is common for roofs with missing or broken shingles to take up to three years before leaks can be seen inside. In some cases the leak gets behind the walls and creates mold and mildew. Many Jacksonville roofing contractors will just replace the missing shingles which is a temporary fix. Call StormForce for a comprehensive roof inspection and report before you make the mistake of patching a roof that is severely damaged or that has exceeded its useful life. If you patch a roof in these categories you may waive your rights to file an insurance claim on the damage.

What is the most common reason for shingle damage?


The biggest reason for shingle damage in the Jacksonville area is wind followed by hail. High winds found in thunderstorms can lift up shingles and tear them loose from the roof deck. Hail can actually break the shingle where it hits allowing moisture to begin to intrude at those spots.

Is it true that up to 90% of roofs installed over 10 years ago are not installed to meet the Florida codes for storm protection?


Yes. The code changed to require more secure attachment of your roof deck to the rafters and it also requires a different nailing pattern for the shingles. We are the Jacksonville roofing company that guarantees to bring every roof replacement job up to full code compliance…no exceptions!

Is it true that roof replacement “systems” are superior to other approaches?


Yes. At StormForce we have created a roofing system for all of our Roof Replacements that includes repair and nailing of the decking; replacing all of the drip edge metal; using a quality underlayment leak barrier; replacing flashings; replacing plumbing boots; installation of ventilation systems; and using quality roofing products. These all work together. Leaving one or more of these out is common and will compromise the life of your roof and your warranty.

Protect Your Investment

“Protect Your Investment” by choosing StormForce. StormForce has an excellent reputation and is a Better Business Bureau accredited business with an A+ rating. Check out StormForce ratings on Angie’s List. StormForce assigns a Site Forman to each consumer to ensure proper supervision of the restoration process.

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