6628811_xlSo when is the right time to schedule an inspection for your roof? This is a question that many homeowners have as they contemplate improvement projects around their property. The roof is your home’s most important feature structurally. Because of this, regular inspections of your roof are needed, especially in areas of the country with more extreme weather patterns.

The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends two professional inspections a year, at least. Generally, these should take place in spring and fall, right before wet weather and directly after. However, homeowners themselves should be aware of the warning signs to know when looking at their roofing system. Here are 8 key identifiers that it may be time for a replacement of your roofing system:


The best place to inspect a roof inside your home is in the attic. Look for any of these four things:

-Places where the roof deck is sagging
-Signs of water damage or leaking
-Dark spots and trails
-Outside light showing through the roof


The exterior of your roof can reveal significant damage and malfunction that necessitates the replacement of a roofing system. Here are four things to look for:

-Cracked, torn, bald or missing shingles
-Loose material around chimneys, vents and pipes
-Excessive accumulation of shingle granules in gutters
-Signs of moisture, rot or mold

Any of the above described warning signs could be mean that your roof is in danger of failing. As stated before, the roofing system ensures the strength of your entire home. By neglecting to take the proper steps in maintenance and inspection, the integrity of your home is put in jeopardy.

Often times, homeowners wait for an extreme of the above-mentioned signs before they call for an inspection. This is the single biggest mistake you can make. One small problem can quickly become a very complex and expen